Best Experienced Tips to Maximize your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are somehow the busiest shopping days in the United States, with millions of people striking the web for hot and limited-time deals. Every store, whether it’s online or offline is bound to take part in some of the best sales anyone will see throughout the year. Let me tell you that last year’s Cyber Monday is observed as the most remarkable day in U.S. online shopping history ever.

The countdown to the two equally biggest grossing holiday dates has begun and it’s essential that online sellers take the bold necessary steps to ensure they’re prepared for the upcoming shopping extravaganza. If your store misses out, a great deal of other online stores will grab attention from shopaholics eager to find the best deal.

As an online dealer, these two days are equally essential for increasing your sales. This article is your true guide to join the desire and make more money online. These 7 best applicable tips for Black Friday marketing ideas are designed to drive more sales and traffic during the biggest shopping season of the year.

Become a bit crazy about Black Friday and tell your clients through your website’s banner

It is indeed a dynamic celebration and it should really look like one of a kind. Change your website’s banner and if possible, change the theme and look of your website. Try to make splish-splash screens for your smartphone application. Shopaholics are everywhere and they are looking for deals and discounts all over the internet. So let them know that you have got those deals all for sure which will definitely increase your sales when the right time comes.

Promote your store through social media, their influencers and spread the word

Billions of people use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. In addition, more than half of these social media users update their accounts every single day and night. That’s right, social media, whether you like it or not, now has become a part of our daily life routine and even for the foreseeable future. Billions of individuals worldwide simply cannot live without it.

Luckily for sellers, social media is an absolute and ideal marketing platform. Advertising your upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on an assembly of social platforms will give you a free-hand in advance. Are you initially planning to offer a dynamic sale? Tweet about it and have a sip of your coffee. Your customers are bound to retweet with other individuals too.

Cater to your customer’s lifestyle by advertising via their preferred channel. Who needs commercials when you can advertise on the biggest social media platform in the world, Facebook?

Additionally, social media influencers (Known celebrities) can play a crucial part in your Black Friday marketing campaigns.

The main problem is that most influencers will be hot property during this time of year, so you will need to put forward a captivating offer to them to play their part. There’s really no point in working with an influencer who only sends out a couple of tweets about your offer. Ideally, you’d be pinned to the top of their social media platforms and featured in a chain of emails to their life story at a minimum. You’ll find that most social media influencers (known celebrities) won’t a partnership with businesses for Black Friday deals except they are a fee with respect to referral commission.

Create a sense of urgency to build anticipation

Advertise your deals accordingly to ensure your Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials promote exclusivity and scarcity. Shopaholics are much more likely to check-out your store when they’re under the influence of a mega shopping event is just on the horizon.

A great way to implement a countdown is by implementing a countdown timer onto your online store’s home page; that way, every visitor will be confronted with your limited time sale and gain a sense of urgency to participate. Everyone loves a countdown; they just think of every New Year’s day with a timer. Countdowns somehow stimulate anticipation and excitement, leading to an increase in traffic and a flow in sales.

Use the power of Pay-per-Click (PPC) and shopping feeds

If you are not using Shopping Feeds or PPC (pay-per-click advertising); now it might be the right time to consider doing it. These types of Google advertising tools can be a perfect game-changer for you and somehow assist your business to gain more prominence and significant traffic. Paid advertising models like this are also relatively fast to set up and get running and can start generating traffic to your site very quickly. In turn, this also helps your site with higher positioning in search result pages.

Offer huge deals on product bundles

Bundling huge deals on products is a great way to increase your revenue during Black Friday sales, rather than discounting an individual product. Ideally, you would have a lower cost and a high margin product. You can somehow bundle with your primary offer to make it more attractive.

Even if your business only has one product or service, you can achieve a similar thing by bundling a gift card, complimentary product, or exclusive offer from a partner brand.

Create landing pages for different brands by making different categories

While it is common to run envelope deals on everything, it is also highly recommended to run deals specific to brands or categories. The benefit of doing so is that first, you can get the shoppers into a mindset and then it becomes easier to convert them.

Landing pages make it somehow useful for the shopaholics to check out the shopping list quite easily.

Ensure a smooth shopping experience. Be SEO savvy by checking your website

This should be a no-brainer, but make sure your site is working optimally in all areas. Navigate your website and go through the (checkout process) by making sure all of the appropriate products are already in stock. A seller needs to make sure that their website is up-to-date on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) materials. SEO is really important because it can help enhance an individual visibility and page ranking on Google especially organic rankings.


Nothing will make your sales fall as flat as a non-functioning, unresponsive site. If shoppers are unable to navigate or checkout easily then they won’t be afraid to take their business elsewhere for sure.

Check and then double-check; Now Black Friday and Cyber Monday, visitors will experience nothing but smooth sailing.

In a Nutshell:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the junction. Start your planning well enough in advance to ensure your business is properly prepared for the year’s biggest shopping days.

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