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In today’s competitive world, productivity is a keyword, a measure of being successful in any industry. Level of competency affects achievements in both positive and negative ways leading the organizations to strategize themselves such that they can take care of vast opportunities but handle the exposure to hindrances as well. It is imperative for any organization to plan such that it keeps the risks of losses to a minimum and utilizes the promising skill strength, taking into account the current state of affairs. The vision and planning empower them to exclude the possible perils with a decline in losses. It really does not matter from which industry you belong, for any organization to achieve its objective with respect to production goals; one has to ensure the right efficiency.

In today’s era of ever-rising global competition, it is pertinent that to stay in race one has to raise its workforce to eminence and the pre-requisite to it is to continuously evolve ways to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Though efficiency, aka competency or productivity, is a concept it has secured its place in every socioeconomic system

Tips to increase productivity!

For a business to grow and make a mark, an organization needs to devise such that growth on all fronts like technical, capacity and human resource happens. It has been observed that if an organization invests in an employee who develops an understanding of different production models, something which does not fall in his routine tasks, always yields all-round progress for the company and the individual. Analysis of the researches done shows that planning needs to happen around gaining and implementing knowledge, making necessary changes in the infrastructure according to new technology. Perception should be created based on knowledge amongst manager and employees to implement efficiency-based programs so as to increase efficiency which assumes prime importance.

Business Enlargement: It is the technique to endorse and encourage jobs and responsibilities executed by employees rather than performing a single task within the organization.

Job Enrichment: This method tries to instill a feeling of ownership and motivation in an employee towards completion of task thereby warranting complete participation by the employee to go beyond his capabilities to complete the task and find out ways about how to be more valuable in the production.

Work Study: This study aims at analyzing a job to find out the chosen way to execute it and the actual hours a resource has been productive by the preferred method in an organization. Its focus is to enhance the productivity of employees by eliminating the inadequacy during unproductive work hours

Value Analysis Method: It is a systematic method to analyze how much “value” goods or products and services added by examining active passive production of the work
Job Simplification: With the generalization and rectification of assigned complicated tasks in an organization, it has been found that the associated employees tend to do work passionately
Zero-Based Budget Management: Contrary to the traditional budgeting, Zero-Based budgeting targets to handle the demerits observed during long term execution. It aims at utilizing the limited resources to their best possible capacity in an unpredictable scenario.

Force Field Analysis Method: The method suggests a framework wherein it analyzes the forces which are hindering any organization in reaching its goal which might be plagued with problems of different nature and sizes

Brain Storming: This technique encourages the exchange of ideas in a common forum with the intention to discuss its pros and cons and keeping the bigger picture in mind – its utility to the organization in the long run.

Nominal Grouping Method: This is a structured method taking a cue from brainstorming which aims at promoting participation by all on important topics resulting in the generation of new nations and evaluating the progress.

Technology Assistance: Though you will not find this topic mentioned in management books, yes the available information on the internet coupled with the ease of usages of technical devices like mobiles and tablets has increased troubleshooting capacity.

Symptoms of Low Productivity!

Unhealthy and Unsafe Working Environment: It has been scientifically proven that a hygienically clean workplace enhances the efficiency of the workforce which otherwise might lead to a decline in their productivity. A clean workplace includes parameters like appropriate ventilation, cleanliness, temperature and humidity controls with proper lighting.
A hostile relationship with reporting and senior Managers: Due to hostile emotions displayed by manager towards his team, it may impact the work culture of an organization, prompting the employees to spread negativity, lowering in productivity and not taking up ownership, thereby hindering the progress of an organization

Adverse relationship between team members: Any action which leads to a discord between team members, demotivates the employee which results in lower productivity
The decline in a drive to GOTO work: Research studies on low motivation have proved that it is one of the key factors which contributes to a decline in efficiency. It has been proved that a decline in motivation often leads to lack of energy to complete the assigned task on time thus leading to a decline in efficiency

Less salary: It is a human tendency to expect to be compensated handsomely for the work done. Monetary reimbursements in lieu of the work done always contributes to happiness and this feeling enhance the productivity of the organization. In cases where the expectations of salary fall short, it has been found that it leads to a drop in efficiency of the employee.
Employee-Job Discrepancy: It has been observed in studies of human behavior, that they have the natural tendency to excel in the work allotted to them justifies their mental and physical requirements. In other words, we can say that they are the right fit for the allocated job which they love to execute. This serves as an enabler for them to excel and succeed, profiting the organization in return.

Here we are talking about the individuals and their relationship with organizations, but the same principles apply for a start-up as well. Why do start-ups fail and how to avoid them?

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