Why do You Need to Record Video from the Monitor Screen?


Nowadays with the advancement of our online activities, the necessity of recording video activities from your desktop/laptop monitor has become very essential for making some of our professional activities more flexible.

Here are some examples:

– On-line broadcasts, for further study or distribution.

– Create your own video lessons.

– Recording a video, talk about your problems, in some settings, showing it to remote specialists.

– When you go through online training, make a record and then watch the lessons not to go online, not to enter passwords, but to review the lessons without an internet connection.

-Write your achievements in a computer game and the work of any programs, and maybe record a movie from an online cinema channel, you never know who will come to a bright head. For some reason, before releasing the operating system, Microsoft did not want to embed such a useful program. Nowadays, the program for recording video from the computer screen is not difficult to find on the internet, there is a lot of software available for the same task with free and paid packages. As an example Movavi’s screen recorder Windows 10 can be mentioned.

But in this article we will not talk about them; we will discuss some interesting factors regarding the screen recording process.

From my own experience for capturing high standard video from the screen you should use decent computer resources. Because, low configuration setup just slow down other programs when recording from the screen, because they use their coding systems and internal converters.

Windows 10 have enough coding system for recording and converting to any format. This program is solid, and the final result is the same. It depends primarily on the capabilities of your hardware and software settings. Often we experience poor-quality, blurry recordings from the screen, this is clearly the result of incorrect recording settings in the final file.

Tip: when recording from the screen

Set the maximum resolution for high-quality recording. So you get, initially, a high-quality image at home. Subsequently, YouTube itself will degrade the quality of your records when they are loaded, saving your disk space. During recording on-screen video sound quality is a burning issue.

Sometimes we experience annoying irrelevant background in the records on YouTube. Often the background comes from the electromagnetic radiation of various equipment around us. These can be TVs, amplifiers, kitchen appliances, and other gadgets. Quite often, the background also records the noise of the CPU fans, either poorly shielded cables or connections in the connectors. We often think about microphones, but the reason for the noise may be in the settings of the computer’s audio devices.

According to the software protocol, this program is a multifunctional solution for capturing video in any quality and from any source, cutting it, processing with the use of effects, video editing and converting for various devices or for uploading to YouTube, in the social network. Screen Capture component is responsible for receiving the image here, which is also supplied separately. But if you compare the cost of a license for the full length of video production, the screen capture option is better for an immediate video solution.

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