8 Tips To Maintain Workplace Cleanliness and Increase Employees Productivity At The Same Time


Productivity is one of the most vital elements in a successful work environment. Do you also know that having a clean work environment can boost your productivity?

A clean, and clutter-free office furniture and equipment helps employees feel motivated and organized.

Having a messy workspace, on the other hand, will be a breeding ground for stress and disorganized thoughts.

So how can you ensure the highest productivity as possible at work?

In this post, we’ll show you how you can maintain cleanliness in the workplace to improve levels of productivity:

1. Create an office cleaning schedule

The best way to improve workplace cleanliness is to develop a cleaning schedule in your office. It might sound challenging at first, but crafting a cleaning schedule beforehand helps you manage your needs.

For instance, employees can contribute to daily office cleaning. It removes any additional burden from one or two of your staff because the work is equally distributed.

So, set a schedule that precisely indicates whose turn it is to tidy up a part of the office on a given day. Even doing a simple task such as cleaning the floor already makes a significant difference.

2. Practice an eco-friendly cleaning attitude

It’s important to know that even simple, and everyday actions can have a significant impact on our planet.

Therefore, it’s crucial to adopt eco-friendly cleaning practices.

For instance, if you’re choosing what chemicals to use to clean the workspace, choose carefully. Prefer environmentally friendly options, rather than conventional cleaning products that are toxic to the environment.

Make sure that you also recycle. You can do this by providing recycling bins in common areas.

Some workplaces hardly do the same, opting for general trash bins instead. As a result, a lot of things that are still recyclable end up in the landfill.

3. Go paperless

Receipts, printed emails, forms, and other paper transactions can quickly build over time. However, these can cause unnecessary clutter in the workplace.

So, why not take advantage of a variety of apps and programs that will help you save all your online information? It’s easy to save, organize files and share them with others.

Not only this will lead to less paper waste, but it’s also more environment-friendly.

4. Install proper air-conditioning system

In the workplace, it’s crucial to maintain an adequate circulation of air. Ventilation is vital because it ensures that the workplace has fresh and clean air throughout.

Therefore, you need to have a proper exhaust system. It aids in fighting infections such as airborne diseases. As a result, your staff will be and healthy and feel better.

5. Implement clear standards for rooms etiquette

Eating on desks may be convenient, (it is what most employees are guilty of, anyway) but they’re unhealthy. It this leaves crumbs and stickiness in a work area. That’s why most offices have a designated area where employees can eat.

However, a clean lunchroom can also quickly turn into a mess. Food can be messy, after all.

While some workers expect this area to be clean, other people can mess it up. The same goes for restrooms.

To resolve this issue, implement strict lunchroom and restroom etiquette. Come up with something simple such as posting clear reminders on these areas requesting every employee to clean up after themselves.

6. Provide sanitary products to mitigate the spread of illness

Office cleaning isn’t just organizing a pile of stuff, sweeping the floors, and wiping desks. It’s also about reducing the spread of illness in the workplace.

Keep in mind that colds and flu can quickly spread in the workplace.

That’s why you need to provide products such as sanitizers, wipes, tissues, hand sanitizers, etc. to ensure that germs are kept at bay.

7. Control waste management

If workers are unable to throw out things from where they’re sitting, chances are, the garbage will accumulate on their respective work areas.

For an easy fix on this issue, provide trash bins and putting it nearby workstations.

Moreover, workers should also condition themselves to throw out trash the very moment that it’s in their hands.

Improper waste management in the office can quickly ruin the cleanliness of the workplace. It’s crucial to keep these wastes in check before they pile up.

8. Hire an office professional cleaning specialist


Maybe, when it comes to work, keeping a clean office space isn’t always the first thing that crosses your mind. But it’s also crucial to foster a healthy and productive work environment for everyone.

Finding a high-quality professional cleaning service is an excellent way to ensure that your office is in top condition.

So instead of delegating cleaning tasks to employees, you can hire skilled cleaning professionals that will maintain your workspace. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about managing inventory, inspecting products, and liability issue that are linked to toxic materials and cleaning products.

According to Maid Sailors, an Office Cleaning in NYC, “Keeping a clean workspace has lots of benefits, but hiring a professional cleaning service has even more. A professional cleaning team will help you save a lot of time, money and stress in the long run.”

You can also ask a cleaning professional to do regular deep cleans on different workstations. Chances are, professional cleaners know all the germ hotspots. They also have the right expertise and cleaning materials to ensure that your entire workplace is hygienic and are in top shape.

Over to You

Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute asserts that clutter reduces the ability of the brain to take in information and stay focused. That’s why working in an untidy and messy workplace can negatively affect workplace productivity.

Of course, it is every employee’s responsibility to ensure that their workspace is clean. But hiring a cleaning staff pays off because it guarantees that you have a sparkling clean workspace in just a short span of time. As a result, employees can focus on finishing their work duties more productively.

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