6 Ways to Increase Social Media Traffic


The ever-evolving digital marketing landscape is challenging for businesses. Marketers employ various strategies and different kinds of digital marketing campaigns in order to get ahead of the pack. These strategies may include content marketing, search engine optimization, using all sorts of marketing platforms (such as Click2sell.co, for example), PPC, email marketing, and social media marketing, among others.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) should be part of a robust digital marketing campaign. Social media is everywhere, it is powerful, and with an estimated 3.2 billion users worldwide, its use is ever-increasing. Although paid advertising strategies on social media are still useful, the competition is stiff, and businesses should think of some creative ways to increase social media traffic.

Increasing Social Media Traffic

Here are 6 tried-and-tested ways on how to increase social media traffic:

  1. Inspire the audience with compelling visuals.

According to a recent survey, 88% of digital marketers use visuals in more than 50% of their content. These marketers have also set aside an average of 30% of their marketing budget on visuals. Posts with visuals account for the highest engagement on social media.

Users look for visual content in order to validate their purchasing decisions. The best visuals on social media have vibrant, eye-catching colors and well-designed layouts, high-quality (and high-resolution) photography, and engaging visuals that tell a story.

Including social icons that link out to social media pages is a great way to announce a business or company’s social media presence to their website visitors. The icons should be placed in a prominent location on the website so that visitors can easily see and click them. Ideally, the best position is on the top or left the side of a page. Many icons are also placed on top of the post because studies show that about 60% of all content is shared on social media before it is read completely.

  1. Know when your audience is online.

Consistency is key to attracting new followers on social media. Publishing content on social media should be done consistently to increase one’s chances of being seen. Some advanced tools allow marketers to see which time of day is ideal for posting fresh content. This may be the time when engagement is at its peak level. Through these kinds of tools, marketers are also able to identify the frequency of posting on each social platform, and what type of content is the most popular.

Many available tools can help marketers determine when to post new content. One important tool is a social media calendar, such as Hootsuite, which schedules posts in advance. It also contains important information, such as which specific content is to be shared at a particular time, and on which platforms.

  1. Add Click-to-Tweets to your content.

Click-to-tweet is a social media button that allows the reader to highlight certain parts of the content and share it on Twitter. With this feature, readers don’t even have to leave the page. It is a good idea to scatter the click-to-tweet tool throughout the content, particularly within key lines or quotable quotes.

  1. Install a Facebook Customer Chatbot

A Facebook messenger widget works the same way as a typical website widget. However, with this Facebook chatbot, customers can choose to use to communicate via Facebook messenger. This is ideal because every time a customer opts to chat through Messenger, they automatically become a contact and the company can get relevant information from them.

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