Top Essential Magento 2 Extensions You Need for Your Business

Top Magento 2 Extensions

If you have an independent e-commerce store, then you are probably aware of the phrase “e-commerce extensions.”


The phrase suggests that you can extend, or add extra functions, to your e-commerce store. From managing inventory, tracking your sales, to making invoices, these extensions can help you boost your online business. 


But finding the right extension for your store can be overwhelming. To help you out, we have come up with the top essential Magento 2 extensions that will enhance your e-commerce store’s functionality, as well as help your business stand out from a sea of competitors: 

1. Out of stock notification

There will come a time that your products will become out of stock, causing you to lose out prospective customers.


You can still make the most of it by utilizing Amasty’s out of stock notification.


It adds subscription boxes to products that are out of stock already. Then, from these boxes, customers can opt to receive notifications once the product is back in stock. 

2. One-step checkout

A highly efficient and secure check-out process is key to any e-commerce transaction. By placing all the available check-out data into a single page, customers can easily complete their purchases within minutes, and then leave with their items felling satisfied. 


The One-Step Checkout Magento 2 module creates this kind of streamlined transaction and has features that boost the purchase process further. 

3. Improved layered navigation

The Improved Layered Navigation module has a wide variety of features for more user-friendly navigation. 


The default product search system is upgraded, letting you fine-tune flexible filters and its display on the front-end. This makes store browsing fast and convenient.


What’s cool about Improved Layered Navigation is that it gets updated regularly. 

4. FAQ

How many times have you visited a site with a lot of questions in mind?


Well, creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your site is absolutely necessary. It allows customers to search for answers and places them one step further to purchasing your product. 


The FAQ extension by MagePrince, for instance, allows you to create a dedicated FAQ page where you can please your prospects by creatively answering their questions. 

5. Advanced shipping

Through an Advanced Shipping Extension, you can set shipping fees by utilizing all the important variables, such as price, date, destination, quantity, categories, product attributes, customer attributes, and item options. 


For instance, the Advanced Shipping by Owebia allows you to build an easy and unique shopping cart for your users. This extension allows you to configure shipping fees in a highly flexible manner. 

6. Reindex from backend

There are approximately two ways in which you can reindex your data: From the backend and by utilizing a command line.


Moreover, you can reindex your data with just a single click and the do the following functionalities: 


  • Reindex data from Index Management at Backend with a single click. 
  • Limit the ability to create action by an admin. 
  • Notification about the details of rebuilt indexers. 

7. Upsell and cross-sell popups

Upselling and cross-selling is often a strategy that is used by marketers to boost the sales of their products and services. It can enhance the volume of your sales tremendously, providing quality services. In fact, data shows that upselling can boost 4% of sales. Meanwhile, cross-selling can add up to 0.2% of sales


Using cross-sell or up-sell extensions can help you enhance your sales. What it does is that it will recommend relevant products to your customers each time they view or add an item to their cart. 

8. Custom options

A custom options extension is another effective tool that stores can use to enhance their sales. It also offers admin the best way to manage their customized options. 

If you run campaigns that offer coupon codes to your new and existing customers, like contests, referrals, and giveaways, then a coupon link is absolutely a must-have extension. 


What it does is it will automatically add a coupon code on the shipping carts of shoppers. Once users click this link, they will be instantly redirected to a website and a coupon code will be applied to their shopping carts automatically. 


That way, customers do not have to insert coupon codes to manually avail of free shipping or discount. 

10. Salesforce CRM integration

These days, building connections from mission-critical backend assets like enterprise resource planning systems, digital sales platforms, and customer relationship management solutions is crucial of course. 


Using the Salesforce CRM Magento 2 extension is one of the best tools out there for forging these links.


There you have it. So now that you have gone through the list, hopefully, you can get ahead of your competitors and power up your Magneto store by using the right tools. Now, are you ready to make them an essential part of your e-commerce business?

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