5 Things You Should Know About Electric Cars


Electric cars come in different designs and shapes, from small hatchbacks to luxury SUVs, some cars are electric versions of familiar models others are all new models like Tesla, Toyota Prius prime, Nissan leaf. About some years ago, folks could not imagine the prime idea of electric cars.

If some scientists and engineers can, they also have this futuristic and efficacious machine that can perform runs on earth and fly on sky both. Besides running, electric cars give energy efficiency packages a whole new level to their user as its engine works very uniquely and smartly through non-combustion or one can say they have 100 torque at 0 rpm.

Nowadays electric cars are becoming very common and the manufacturers are hiking by the time and they are producing models that plugin. Predictions are that there would be more demand and many more models capturing the market in the upcoming years.


In America when the production was newly started of electric cars two Columbian university graduates did an experiment of their unbreakable speed and they found that on a charge of just a single night in a garage, one can easily commute all day or can cover 40 miles without fulfilling your fuel tank. This is jaw-dropping like how? If it is true, it would be very economical for the Americans who cover a distance of 30 miles approximately a day. A big shout to support the electric cars after finding this.

No need to spend on fuel cost

Frustrated and weary for squandering your hard money on a daily fuel cost? There is a mega blast to hype it all as there is another surprising function of electric cars that they don’t consume fuel. Some experts say it is very expensive to borrow. So, the investments to purchase them are not economical and everyone can’t afford it. But others do not support this stance as saying it is a one-time investment and the savings after that are pretty explicit if you buy it you don’t stew about fuel cost and maintenance cost. HOV lanes can surely skim down on added cost, among other perks.

Technologically advanced

If you think that electric cars are not software updated, it’s pretty foolish, because electric cars are very advanced in terms of software and other technological updates. But be very sure that it is not having any cost to you because apart from tesla and other giant companies give all EV updates without implementing any cost but again there are some companies who put some cost for their update. So, be very smart enough to buy any EV update for your car.


There is no doubt that electric cars are environmentally friendly but here is some debated raise in choosing electric cars vs hybrid cars, efficiency, and low cost are the main root cause. Some folks are still choosing more hybrid cars as they are much more efficient and their robust battery power will give more backup and long-lasting than electric cars battery as they need to replete more frequently.

All in all in developing countries there are still very few charging stations. So, if you get stuck at someplace where there is no EV charging station it creates hassle to the users but as opposed to hybrid cars there steadily developing many more gas stations littering the roadways. So, if your daily commute is a one-round trip to the workplace or shopping mall, give more focus to hybrid rather than EV.


In terms of space and versatility, an EV is on par than normal cars as its body is designed from outside very brilliantly for example: if you want to convert your car to run on electricity such as Volkswagen or Kia soul these have small boots because there is more vacant space for battery accommodation as opposed to hybrid cars.


Hence, everyone can’t afford electric cars. If you are thinking about going for a cross-city or a long trip so it won’t fit you. The perfect scenario for electric cars is people who just use it for a home to office and office to home commute, not for longer excursions because this journey will be on the range of the battery with no additional charging. If that works, you won’t be stuck in any place and never hunt an EV station.

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