8 Creative Salon and Spa Marketing Ideas to Build Your Clientele


If you want your business to improve, then you should try investing more into your marketing campaigns. Given the fact that marketing has such a positive effect on your business, it is crucial that you think of critical and practical ways that can help you.

However, it can be hard to create marketing ideas that are both unique and effective. With that said, below are eight different creative ways you can market your salon or spa to build your client base.

Not only will most of these be effective in building your client base, but they are also quite fun to do and set up.

1. Offer a Selfie Station Inside Your Hair Salon

If you’re a salon owner, then you will deal with a lot of beauty transformations in your business operations. Given the fact that you deal with a lot of beautification efforts on people inside your hair salon, then it will be a great marketing idea to set up a selfie station inside.

Make sure that the set-up has your branding or business logo all over it. Plus, you should encourage your clients to tag your business or use a designated hashtag for it so that you can keep track of their posts and follow and like.

It’s a simple step that can make all the difference for your digital marketing efforts.

2. Sponsor a Local Fashion Show

Whether you own a salon or a spa, you deal with overall beauty or are working under the beauty industry. Thus, you relate a lot to other aspects of the beauty industry. For example, the fashion community.

With that said, you should try to sponsor a local fashion show to get your name and brand out there to the target market that is most likely going to avail of your service. By sponsoring a local fashion show, you don’t only get to spread brand awareness, but you also support local artists.

You can even try setting one up yourself if there aren’t any fashion shows as of the moment in your local scene.

3. List Your Salon on Online Review Sites

A straightforward way to get your salon noticed on the Internet and improve search engine results rankings is by listing your salon on online review sites. When you list your salon on online review sites, you get to receive direct feedback from customers.

Aside from that, it makes relevant business information much more accessible for interested clients who want to transact with your business. Besides, listing your business on these types of sites are usually free.

The only part you need to pay is if you want to advertise your business on the site, so if you want an upgrade then consider advertising there.

4. Use Facebook Ads to Promote a Discounted Offer

Speaking of advertising online, one of the leading social media platforms today is Facebook. With that said, it is an essential avenue for businesses, especially small-time ones, to promote their business on.

You should set up a professional or business account on Facebook first before you can think about advertising on the platform. Consider your daily advertising for Facebook and use it to promote any discounts or sales that you have.

You will have a wider reach of people, and you’ll have an easier time spreading the word about your sales and other discounts.

5. Reward Customers Who Give Referrals

Speaking of discounts, one creative marketing idea that you should try are referral programs for your current customers. A referral program is when you reward current customers who manage to bring in a new customer to your business.

The best way to do this is through email where you can send discount codes that their friends could use that you could keep track of. Not only will this be a great way of reaching your target customers, but it also develops your relationship with current customers.

You can also offer a discount for first-time customers since you’re giving promotions and rewards to people who refer new customers.

6. Create a Lunchtime Salon Package

If your salon or spa location is in the middle of a business or corporate area, then you should consider setting up a lunchtime salon package. This package can help provide services within the lunch break period that busy corporate people can avail.

It should be a service that you can quickly finish within 30 minutes or so so that customers can eat their lunch and get a spa or salon service along with it. It should also be affordable so that it can entice people who are waiting for payday.

It’s a unique package that only a few salons or spas have so consider setting this one up soon.

7. Market Your Salon Using Professional Photos on Instagram

Given the fact that a salon is a business for the beauty industry, then a person or a brand’s image is everything. With that said, one of the best social media platforms for a business like yours will be Instagram.

With Instagram’s first photo-focused platform, it makes it easier to showcase fantastic hairstyles and cuts that you did during a particular workday. Plus, you can tag and interact with previous customers by posting their finished photos.

It’s an excellent marketing method that you can easily do just by uploading photos of the work that you do.

8. Use a Mobile App for Booking Services

Last but not least, you should also consider setting up a mobile app for booking services. Some salon or spa software has features that help your clients book reservations and appointments online. Why not narrow it down to a mobile app?

Overall, there are many unique and creative tricks that you can do to help build your clientele for your salon or spa business. As long as you do your due diligence and identify your business goals for marketing, then these marketing ideas are safe to try for your business.

If you do try any of these, make sure to let us know what you think!


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