Travel In Style: 6 Exotic Cars to Spend An Incredible Vacation

Travel In Style: 6 Exotic Cars to Spend An Incredible Vacation

Have you ever dreamed of a road trip in a beautiful and high-speed exotic car? Your answer is probably yes, but the high market value of these vehicles made you look for cheaper compromises.

However, now you have the chance to fulfill your dream anytime by renting an exotic model. You can find exotic car rental in Tulsa, Los Angeles, Tampa, Miami, and hundreds of other cities in the USA and around the world. It’s very easy to do both through your Internet browser and through a special exotic car rental app. 

If you already want to take a trip in a beautiful and prestigious car but still don’t know which one to choose, we have prepared a small review of several attractive models that you will like!

Mercedes-AMG GT S

Travel In Style: 6 Exotic Cars to Spend An Incredible Vacation

The German manufacturer began producing Mercedes-AMG GT S supercar in 2014. This luxury two-door sedan has a striking sporty design and dynamic looks, so it would be a great idea to rent a car of this model for a special occasion. The sporty performance is determined by the properties of the V8 engine, combining dynamism and everyday practicality.

4.0L AMG V8 twin turbo engine with 585 hps under the hood consumes 11.5 liters of fuel per 100 km. The Mercedes-AMG GT S starts almost instantly – the acceleration time from zero to 100 km/h takes just 3.6 seconds. Externally, this is a light and compact sedan, but the powerful engine takes the Mercedes-AMG GT S to the racing level.

Audi R8

Travel In Style: 6 Exotic Cars to Spend An Incredible Vacation

The Audi R8 sports car began to be produced in 2007. It’s usually equipped with a 5.2 liter V10 engine providing 550 hps. This power gives it the ability to accelerate the car to a maximum of 320 km/h, and from the moment of start to 100 km/h the Audi R8 lasts only 3.5 seconds.

Audi R8 has a bright, dynamic and modern appearance, which instantly recognizes the branded solutions of other Audi models. The front end of the supercar showcases the predatory look of LED optics, an embossed bonnet, a massive hexagonal false grille, and a pair of vertical air intakes.

Rounding off the look is an aerodynamic splitter designed to improve aerodynamics and increase downforce when driving at high speeds. All these characteristics make the Audi R8 a great choice for an unforgettable car rental experience.

Range Rover Sport

Travel In Style: 6 Exotic Cars to Spend An Incredible Vacation

Range Rover appeared more than half a century ago, immediately conquering everyone with power and exotic look. The second generation was released in 2013, and restyled in 2017. The car is distinguished by an increased rear overhang, a wide front and a hood. It’s equipped with a diesel-powered 3.2 l engine providing 250 hps of power. 

On the country road, the Range Rover Sport shows its true off-road character. Its ground clearance is 255 mm, thus it will be a good choice for those looking for an exotic SUV rental car. The model has proven to tackle any obstacle thanks to the wide variety of different off-road modes available with Terrain Response system.

Lexus LC 500

Travel In Style: 6 Exotic Cars to Spend An Incredible Vacation

Lexus LC 500 is one of the most popular brands in the premium automotive segment. This handsome has a 5-liter V8 under the hood, producing 477 hps. It’s mated to the world’s first 10-speed automatic transmission for a passenger car, offering impressive acceleration and great sound.

As befits a prestigious brand, the LC500 strikes with its stylish appearance, and often becomes the reason for the enthusiastic looks of passers-by. If you rent a car from this Japanese automaker, then you will not regret it – it will give you the experience of driving a fast, comfortable and stylish vehicle.

Depending on driving style and road conditions, the adjustable adaptive suspension can make the ride more comfortable or more rigid by controlling the characteristics of all four shock absorbers and an impressive range of 650 different settings.

Bentley Continental GT

Travel In Style: 6 Exotic Cars to Spend An Incredible Vacation

Bentley Continental GT is austere and graceful, but this does not prevent it from looking like a full-fledged exotic car. Luxury outside and inside, expensive woods and leather in the interior, BOSE sound system and Logic by Pioneer multimedia interface – all this speaks for itself.

The maximum speed of the Bentley Continental GT is 305 km/h, acceleration to 100 km/h takes 4.9 seconds, and the car’s power is 560 hps with the engine volume of almost 6 liters.

BMW 3-Series

Travel In Style: 6 Exotic Cars to Spend An Incredible Vacation

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Bavarian automaker. Travelers often rent a car of this class for business needs, but its modern striking appearance makes it popular among exotic car lovers.

The newest model has added attractiveness, even more comfort and uniqueness to its appearance. Specifications have remained almost unchanged, as the BMW 3-Series has been considered a paragon of technological thought for many years.

The drive of the car can be rear or full. An 8-speed automatic transmission paired with a 3-liter engine provides a maximum of 387 hps of power, accelerating the car to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds. The fuel consumption is about 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

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