Time Management Tips for PhD Students

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As students continue with their academic journey from junior school to high school and beyond, priorities change and so do responsibilities. The workload from academia, social life and job tends to increase as you grow up due to which things have to be dealt with in a different manner. In earlier stages of academics, students do not realize how valuable time is and they would crave for more time in near future. Hence some of the wise ones who receive the right kind of guidance takes care of this.

After spending some time of the PhD journey and considering the entire postgraduate experience, you will gradually realize that time is indeed very scarce and needs to be spent wisely if you aim to achieve your targeted goals in life. Expert dissertation writing UK firms and individuals claim that a majority of PhD students take one specific way to manage their time well according to the tasks they have to perform each day. Following are some of the best time management tips for PhD students:

  • Analyzing the tasks that you have to perform: The first step towards solving any problem is to analyze what the problem is. In this context, your problem is all the tasks that needs to be done within a day so that you can take all of them into consideration when planning how to manage time. List the tasks you have to perform every day including meals, workout, socialize and of course, studying. An average PhD student would probably have a longer list so analyze those tasks carefully before proceeding. Make sure you rule out the tasks that are least important if you wish to compromise less on other crucial tasks.
  • Determine how the time would be allocated on each task: Another important tip is that you should determine how much time on each activity would lead to optimum efficiency in time management. The main focus should be on avoiding over or under-allocation of time on any activity because that would result in a waste of resources. Think realistically and allocate most of the time to studying and researching because apparently that is all what PhD journey is about!

    While allocating the time, do consider some free time to account for unforeseen events that may take place at any day of the week. Such incidents, if not taken into account, damages your plans and makes time allocation ineffective.

  • Talk to seniors and expert firms: While planning your time management schedule, try to have brief discussions with senior PhD students who are available on campus. Ask them their way of managing time well despite that much workload. This will help you listen to various circumstances that people face and how they deal with it which will improve your decision-making skills in this matter. Other than seniors, there are professional dissertation writing UK firms and consultants who can guide you with the process in a great way.
  • Forget procrastination: Finally, a very important tip for successful time management is to forget what procrastination is. It might have been manageable till undergraduate but beyond that, procrastination turns out to be unaffordable and it pushes you into a dangerous scenario later on. So take some responsibility as a PhD student and do not delay any task.

Author bio: Francis Leroy is the demand analyst at a spice trade company. He obtained his PhD in organizational economics and also offers consultancy as a freelancer.

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