How To Teach Your Child To Make Good Use Of Time


It is important that the child learns to organize his daily responsibilities and that he makes good use of the time.

Going to school, doing homework and having a little time to play… It is possible to do everything with a little organization. Well, each thing has its time.

In this sense, the parents’ schedule determines the day to day of the children. When both parents are likely to work outside the home, or when there is only one parent in the household, the child’s life is often filled with activities.

Time seems to be completely compromised other than this check out general knowledge quiz with answers websites to teach your children about time management.

However, just because children jump from one activity to another does not mean that they know how to use their time.

As parents, we probably don’t know very well how to manage our own time either. But, without a doubt, it is a learning that has to be part of today’s education.

How to teach your child to make good use of time:

As with all parenting issues, the example we set for our children is critical. If we live in a hurry to take the child to school, if we are late to look for them or to the activities to which we are summoned, we do not give the best example for the child to make good use of the time.

The daily organization of our own agenda is something basic so that our children, no matter how small they are, can perceive that we organize the time we dedicate to work, home and sharing with them.

Likewise, the time devoted to schoolwork and study must be organized. Homework does not have to be done late in the day. Projects that merit days of preparation or study that requires an exam cannot be left until the last moment.

So helping your child organize his responsibilities is the best way to teach him to make the most of his time. It must also be instilled in the child that the more effective he is in fulfilling his tasks and other responsibilities at home, the more he can enjoy his free time.

While they are children, the most important thing is to play. So you have to take advantage of that interest so that you appreciate the importance of organizing well.

Help them organize time:

Having free time to play freely is the greatest reward that a child who has been able to manage his time can receive. To help you make the most of your time, we leave you with the following three key recommendations:

Set reasonable hours:

Your child should have a schedule that he learns to adhere to. Time spent playing, studying, watching television, exercising, or connecting to the Internet must be included.

Children like schedules. However, this does not mean losing spontaneity or flexibility in a certain circumstance.

Distribute roles and responsibilities:

Roles excite and motivate children to fulfil their responsibilities. The child must know who is in charge of “something” inside the house.

Likewise, if there are two or more children at home, each should be assigned roles and responsibilities. For example, one is in charge of taking the dog for a walk and the other is in charge of watering the plants.

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