Top 5 Trends of Digital Marketing in 2019-2020


As  Digital Trends develop every year, marketers should always be aware of the changes in order to adapt to the emerging technologies and trends to grow their business. The marketers need to speed up with the current technology trends to have a better understanding of what your customers are looking for. They need to figure out how this fresh trend will improve deteriorated Digital Marketing Tactics.

As Digital Marketing Trends are changing at a rapid pace, here In this article, I am going to tell you about the Top 5 Trends of Digital Marketing that you can no longer pretend are not important.

Here are Top 5 powerful Digital Marketing Trends that may change the game of Digital Marketing.
1. Video Marketing
2. Conversational Commerce
3. Voice Search
4. Email and Marketing Automation
5. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the most popular trends in Digital Marketing. Today’s world is highly spending their time watching online videos on Youtube or other platforms. To get the high engagement you can post Videos on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. One of the main issues faced by many marketers is the shifting of a number of the population towards mobile phones. The long Sales pages are very difficult to read in Mobile Devices. So to get the solution to this problem they can post videos which will present the same information. Let us look at some of the Video Marketing Trends  that are gaining more and more traffic towards your website:

  • Live Video – It is the most popular trend in Video Marketing. As it connects a large amount of traffic. Many of the business owners use the tactics of Live Video for Demo of their products. As they can show the live packaging of their products or company events by live video.
  • 1:1 Video – It is the type of Video Marketing in which the marketer of the business owner makes their personalized video messages rather than sending messages or emails.
  • Shoppable Video Content – It is one of the most popular and effective ways of Video Marketing. Nowadays people are purchasing products online. By this tactic, a businessman can post Video Content and allow people to buy products directly by clicking on the text “Shop now” or “ Buy now”.

Conversational E-Commerce

Conversational E-commerce refers to the ability of convincing customers to buy their products and services through conversation. This is the most common Digital Marketing Trend used by many business owners. Some of the business owners are using the chatbots and other media to convince their customers. By this tactic, they usually try to convert the visitors into the customers through live interaction. The business owner can:

  • Send live messages to the users about the new products and its arrivals
  • Provide suggestions related to their previous products and existing carts

The increasing popularity of Voice Search makes it important for companies to rethink their Digital Marketing Tactics in 2019. Nowadays Voice Search is becoming more and more popular among the users. People are searching through audio content and getting relevant information.

Voice Search is one of the commonly used Digital Marketing trends. As people are not likely to write and search for the information, they are using the Voice Search facility and get the information that they want.

Many Brand owner has opted the Voice Search Strategy to deliver value-based content effectively to their customers. For example- Paypal users can engage with Siri to send money to their friends. Nestle, one of the most famous brands created a skill that provides voice cooking instructions.  “Google Assistant” and “Alexa” both are the best examples of Voice Search Digital Marketing Tactics. These voice assistants react very specifically to their user’s commands and queries.

Email and Marketing Automation

Email and Marketing Automation refers to sending emails that give you the freedom to reach out to customers at any time.  With Email and Marketing Automation you only have to schedule when your email will go out, you do not have to sit in front of your device and manually send.

Nowadays it has become the most popular digital marketing trend. Most of the business owners are using this strategy.

Many brands in 2018 were losing marketing automation opportunities. For the email channel, the use of machine learning makes it possible to automate targeting. However, such personalization is more complicated due to the nature of emails, which are more complex and creative.

There are lots of ways through the marketers can approach email marketing automation. For this, you’ll have to select among CRM/email agencies, niche solutions or universal platforms for email campaigns automation, like MailChimp. Such services can detect the geolocation for each subscriber in your database. In the same way, you can tune individual designs for each region, or even city, if you need it.

Accelerate Mobile Pages

The use of Mobile devices is increasing with the pace. In this era, business owners or marketers are using this marketing tactic to enhance the Digital Marketing Strategy. Accelerate Mobile Pages are the open-source framework that enables developers to create fast-loading mobile pages.  Due to the positive results and industry demand, AMP has become an upcoming SEO trend to embrace. This is most commonly used by many of the business owners to improve their page loading speed so that the customer will stay on their website for a longer time.


If you want to grow your business with this growing and developing world then you should have to follow the changing Digital Marketing Trends. With appropriate Digital Market Training, hope these top 5 Digital Marketing trends which I have mentioned above will help you to grow your business at a rapid pace.

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