The Sources and Causes Of Car Noises

The Sources and Causes Of Car Noises

Every driver knows that it is better to identify any malfunction of the car in advance in order to prevent serious troubles on the way. In addition, most car malfunctions are almost always accompanied by certain sounds. An experienced driver is the one who, in addition to skillful driving, also has the ability to recognize vehicle malfunctions by its characteristic sounds. However, when using the services of bwi luxury car rental it is next to almost impossible that you will have any problems with the car you choose for your business or family trip.

Let’s consider the most common car malfunctions and those characteristic sounds that accompany them.

Types of car noises:

This sound usually indicates that a front wheel bearer is deteriorating in your car.

  • Grinding and squeaking sounds when braking. 

In this case, the cause may be excessive wear or contamination of the brake pads. In case of excessive wear of the pads, they need to be replaced. In case of contamination, you need to go to the car wash and ask to rinse it thoroughly with a jet of water under pressure.

  • Clicks, crackles, the sound of a rolling ball while the vehicle is moving. 

The cause may be in the front wheel drive hinge, because of protective covers’ rupture.

  • Hum when driving. 

There may be several reasons. Perhaps this is a signal of problems with the hub bearings. In this case, tightening the hub nuts is required. If the hum does not disappear after tightening, then the bearings need to be replaced. Often, a similar sound is heard when the bearings of a generator, cooling fan or water pump deteriorate prematurely. Sometimes these sounds only appear when you press the clutch pedal. Then the cause is in the clutch mechanism or in the gearbox.

  • A loud whistle or squeak is heard when the engine is idling. 

The reason is usually in the deterioration of the alternator belt or in its insufficient tension. An unscheduled check-in at the car service corrects the situation. A similar sound can be heard when the brushes are poorly running in to the generator slip rings because of their contamination.

  • Squeaking noise when driving on uneven roads. 

As a rule, the reason is in the wear of the silent blocks of the front suspension arms or the poor quality of their fasteners.

  • Rustle when the engine is idling. 

The reason may be a malfunction of the chain snubber and the chain tensioner shoe or the sticking of the chain tensioner pump rod. Loosening of the camshaft chain tension can also produce this sound.

  • Metal engine knocking. 

If this sound is heard only when the car accelerates, then the reason is the poor quality of gasoline. 

If the sound is heard in all engine operating modes, this indicates a malfunction of the diaphragm spring of the clutch basket. It happens that this knock disappears at idle speed. In this case, the cause may be in wear of the slider bearer of the ignition distributor.

  • Hissing in the front left of the vehicle. 

The most common cause of this sound is a malfunctioning vacuum booster. In this case, there is a deterioration in the operation of the brake system and the instability of the engine at idle speed. 

The Sources and Causes Of Car Noises

You will not be able to completely get rid of engine sounds in the cabin, which is very good. Scientists have found that the noise in the car even helps while driving. For example, the truck drivers argue that sometimes it is necessary to hear how the engine works or how the tires sound when you are driving, because it helps to understand whether the road is slippery, etc. 

The Swedish scientists came to the conclusion that it is impossible to completely isolate the driver from the outside sounds. It was proposed to divide the noises into two categories: “useful” and “harmful”. In the end, it is recommended to get rid of only the latter group. In other words, you need to learn how to “hear” your car. This way you will understand what is wrong with it.

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