Logo Designing Rules for Beginners


The main objective of a logo is to represent a brand and reflect the story that is behind that brand. The major characteristic of a successful logo is that it stands out from the competitors and appeals to the targeted audience so much so that they are compelled to buy the product or avail the service. However, when you are just at the beginner’s level, logo designing can become pretty overwhelming.
There are some basic rules that you should keep in mind if you are amateur learning to design a logo. inGenious Guru is five of these basic principles are discussed below to help you design a successful logo.

1. Simplicity is the Key

When it comes to a logo design, keeping it simple is the key to success. Especially when you are in the initial phase of designing, simple logo designs are the best. On the other hand, futuristic logo designing is all about minimalism, as you can see from the logo of tech-giant like Yahoo!
Your logo needs to be clever, clear, and noticeable. Yet, at the same time, it should express the aesthetics and the story behind a brand as well. Nike has surpassed everyone with its very simplistic monochrome swoosh since ages.
Choose your colors, fonts, shadings, typeface, and images carefully and keep it minimal. The more elements you try to tackle, the more difficult it would be to come up with a strong logo design. Also, remember to make effective use of whitespace, so there is enough breathing space, and you have a simple but clear design that communicates the brand’s message to the audience.

2. Originality Works Best

When it comes to logo designing, there is nothing that works better than the originality. Close your eyes and think of all the famous logos that you can think of. Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nike, Coca Cola, Adidas, Apple, Microsoft, and the list goes on; all of them have one thing in common apart form from their popularity, colors, and design. It is the originality of these designs that works best and makes an everlasting impression on people’s minds.
It is essential that you must design a unique logo, and to accomplish it; you need an original and unique concept. It is a merger of the creativity of the artist and exclusive ideas that lead to a totally worthy logo design. So, when you are starting to design a logo, there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration, but do not lose your uniqueness and originality.

3. Adaptability Lands the Logo

Versatility and adaptability is as essential to a logo design as oxygen is for breathing. A logo that is not flexible enough to work with different mediums, interfaces, and colors is not considered a very effective one. A brand’s logo is its display window, and it goes everywhere the brand goes. From products to accessories like T-shirts, mugs, keychains, and pen to packaging, digital ads, shop signage, digital ads, and more, a logo goes everywhere.
A simple and responsive logo works everywhere and with every background. It is the voice and the face of the company, so the logo design works best when it is versatile and adaptable.

4. Balance Pleases the Eyes

Symmetry and proportion are something that automatically appeal to the human eye. An effective logo design should be well-balanced in all its elements and there shouldn’t be any sort of clash. There should be no clash of colors or lack thereof where colors are needed. Similarly, the design should not strike out the balance when it comes to fonts and typeface.
It is not necessary that a logo design should be symmetrical to achieve balance. It can be equally balanced in an asymmetrical design as well with the correct balancing of the elements used in the logo design. There should be equilibrium even if there is not equality of elements.

5. Timeless Logos are Unforgettable

One of the most important rules that every logo designer should keep in mind, whether it is a beginner or a seasoned one, is that a logo design must be designed not only for present but for the future too. A timeless logo never goes out of fashion, and it becomes the true face of a brand. People remember the brand only by its timeless logo.

So, how exactly can you design a timeless logo? The best way to do so is to analyze the design you have thought of. Imagine that same logo design being used a decade later. Would it be as effective down the road as it is now or it will quickly fall out of fashion? If you are unable to imagine that logo in the future, then you must work on it. When you feel that your design would work a few years later, too, then you have a timeless logo design that you can work on.

Apply these rules to your logo designing strategy, and you will be able to create a valuable logo design that is timeless, versatile, balanced, original, and yet very simple.

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