Voice Search in Digital Marketing 2020

Voice Search in 2019

As the world became more digital, all marketing fields have changed into something we could have never imagined ten years ago. Everything is moving at such a rapid pace that we have to constantly shift our focus on something new. 

Now, the Best SEO experts are suggesting that Google Voice Search is something that we all need to put our attention on. 

The experts are predicting that in the next year voice search will be almost half of all the Google searched that are made on the giant search engine Google. Hence, if your business prioritizes marketing, and it should, it needs to be aware of what Voice Search in Digital Marketing entails exactly. 

Voice search is actually something you are already quite familiar with. It’s a unique form of technology that lets people search the internet by speaking into an electronic device that is capable of comprehending the speech. These devices can be your computers, your tablets, your smartphones and even your home assistant devices such as Alexa.

Why It Should Matter In Your Marketing Strategies  

It’s highly important that you incorporate this particular aspect of searching in your marketing strategy. The reason for that is people are using the feature of using their voice to search things online much more.

 It’s no surprise either since it has become quite convenient and comfortable to just verbally inquire as opposed to type all the questions down. It saves time and effort! Therefore, your business needs to know all about voice search and how you can improve your marketing with this.  

Why You Should Optimize Your Website for This Purpose

If you want your business to survive online, you need to have a very good SEO optimization plan in place. When it comes to voice search results, what matters the most is that you have a featured snippet for your website. The way to do that is through having highly effective optimization for mobile use. 

Let’s say you want to search for a roofing company in New Jersey. You verbally say those words into your device and wait for the results to pop up. If you happen to have a lot of optimized and relevant content on your website that is directly relating to the words “roofing company” and “New Jersey”, then your website will be on the first few answers the device gives to the user. 

Getting a featured snippet is also referred to as position zero by marketing experts. 

Some Useful Tips for Optimization 

You need to understand that voice search completely changes how we have to think about SEO and SEO optimization. It’s a whole different field that you are dealing with. Hence, your strategy and plans for SEO should be different as well. 

The reason for that is because when we are verbally inquiring something, we use more of a conversational tone and not a formal tone we use when typing down the questions. Moreover, there is much more importance placed on featured snippets when we are using the voice search feature. 

Lastly, it becomes highly crucial that your business’s website has relevant, useful and informative content on it. All these reasons mean you have to think in terms of how people are going to search for something that your business caters to. 

For example, if you need to know who the best hairdresser is in New York, you will verbally say “Hey Alexa/ Siri, who is the best hairdresser in New York. If your business is a salon, then your business should pop up when someone is using a voice search. Make sure your content is written in a conversational tone and answer questions like these. 

What to Expect in the Future

We are already aware that the digital marketing landscape changes its shape every year. Thus, we need to really prepare for whatever we about come next in this particular field. The world is focusing more and more on making sure their website is perfectly suitable for mobile use. That doesn’t just entail the SEO, but rather the quality of the content and how informative it is. Moreover, it also means that your website speed time should be as fast as possible! If it is too slow, then that completely defeats the purpose of having a website for your business in the first place. Lastly, your website should definitely be visually optimized for mobile use and hence it should be easy to navigate as well. 

As long as you keep yourself up-to-date with all of the latest trends going on in the marketing field, you will have nothing to worry about. Just do not delay it until the last minute because then other companies will have a competitive advantage over you. You always have to stay a few steps ahead of everyone.

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