Best laptops of 2020 that you should consider


Are you looking for the best laptops that help you develop an innovative game? For an experienced developer, the laptop seems to be better than an old or ordinary PC. The portability and space are reasons for a developer to choose a laptop instead of a PC. From beginner to expert, anyone can check out the specifications for the gaming laptops which are mentioned below.

  • Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook has become the most popular laptop, which is being used by many Indians. For game developing, Apple Macbook is the best choice. Game developing is an amazing job to be done this year. Although there are a lot of new laptops are upcoming in the market, Apple mac book goes never out of fashion. Users can choose any of the three different colors available such as Gold, silver and space grey.

The best thing about the Apple MacBook is the spectacular Retina display that it boasts. The notebook seems to be thinner and lighter and comes with a variety of colors for you to choose from. The display boasts amazing pixels which are four times effective as google pixel. The display and lightweight features make it easy for a developer to design games to any extent.

  • Google Pixelbook

Google Pixel is yet another interesting device for developing the game. This high-performance Chromebook is being used by many top programmers. If you choose to be a developer, Pixelbook is your ideal choice. Not just the display and RAM storage, Chromebook also has a 7th generation intel processor. Interestingly, it features 8GB RAM and 256GB hard drive, which are good enough for an experienced programmer to design a game.

The battery storage and powerful performance encourages many new users to get it. One more unique feature is the Pixelbook Pen, which you get for free. With this amazing pen, you can achieve maximum speed.


Unlike the previous one mentioned above, Huawei comes with a powerful 8th generation Intel processor, which makes it easier for a developer to design any game they like. When your game requires multiple applications to be done simultaneously, Huawei is the ideal choice. Whether it is performance or powerful processor, nothing can beat the Huawei as it is the best laptop in 2019.

The high-speed processor ensures the compatibility of the device. When it comes to developing a game, two important things matter which is graphics and processor.

  • ASUS Chromebook

ASUS Chromebook is always known for its lightweight and portability. Chromebook are extremely compatible with any other smart device. Connecting the games with smart devices could be easy. Since Chromebook is durable and portable, it is considered as the best laptop in 2019.

  • Microsoft Surface Book

The Microsoft Surface Book is ultra-thin 2in 1 high-performance laptop, which gives you ease at work. This surface book is fully packed with quality features. Powered by intel core 7 processor, Microsoft surface book is the ideal choice for many beginners. Interestingly, 8GB random access memory will process data in a matter of minutes.

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