8 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Don’t Convert and How to Fix Them


As you disappointed because some of your ad campaigns never seem to convert as expected? 

With so much in our news feeds, a lot of people are now “ad blind” unless the ads are super creative and can go viral.

Here’s the thing: The problem might not be on Facebook or the people that are seeing your ads. It might be how you put your ads and campaigns together. 

In this post, we will discuss the reasons why your Facebook ads are not converting and how you can fix them:

You’re Targeting the Wrong People

If you are setting up your Facebook campaigns for your business to target strangers, then you might be setting yourself up for failure even from the start. 

Just because you are targeting a large group of people with a slew of interests and behaviors does not mean you will surely acquire new customers. If you want your Facebook ads to convert well, it is best to create a profile of your customer persona. 

Define who your ideal market is, create that persona, and tailor your ads to them. Target the people who are genuinely interested in your products or services, just like when you try to schedule Instagram stories when they are most active. Offer them with trials, offers, or whatever you have in store.

You can start creating your customer persona with the help of the following:

  • Your current customers.
  • People who have responded to your lead magnet.
  • Your mailing list.
  • People who have clicked your ads or watched your videos.
  • Users who spent time on your site or on a particular page.
  • Your Facebook fans. 

You’re Using the Wrong Message

Another reason why your Facebook Ads are not converting is that you are targeting the right people with the wrong ad copy.

That said, you should utilize a funnel marketing approach that would segment people in different stages of their customer journey. And then show them ads depending on where they are in the journey. It might require a series of ads, but this approach does work.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of best Facebook advertising tactics out there. But unless you are able to deliver the right message depending on where your customers are in their buyer’s journey, it will not work.

You Aren’t Segmenting Your Ads

Remember that your messaging and ad creative might only apply to particular segments of your audience. So if you have ads that drive a lot of impressions yet generate fewer clicks and conversions, then you might want to consider A/B split testing.

You could experiment with:

  • Messaging
  • Images
  • Ad Creative
  • Audience Segments
  • Landing page copy

Making a separate audience based on your conversion goals and previous engagement will help you come up with hyper-targeted messages that will resonate more with them. 

Your Funnel is Too Long or Short

What happens the moment someone clicks on your ad? What’s the sequence of pages they have to go through before an actual conversion takes place? 

Is your marketing funnel too long? If yes, you are probably placing too many clicks during the initial click-through and conversion event, risking visitors to leave along the way. 

If your marketing funnel is too short, you might be asking for a potential customer to buy your products without understanding what it is all about. 

As a result, you are delivering a jarring user experience, and at odds with the expectations of visitors. Remember, the reason they are on Facebook in the first place is that they want to engage with other people not to buy something. 

Your Ad is Not Click-Worthy

Users are bombarded with ads every single day, causing others to resort to ad blockers. That’s why if you are not creating anything valuable to your ad, then the users who are viewing it will probably ignore it. 

That’s why you need to test your ad copy before you promote it to a large audience.

Your Audience is Too Big or Small

If you have an audience that’s too big, then you are probably wasting your money on unqualified prospects. Having a custom audience that is less than a thousand would not work either. 

What you need to do is to look for a “sweet spot” in every stage of your funnel to ensure that you are getting enough cost-effective results.

Too Much Text on Your Ad Image

Here’s the thing: Facebook favors ads with little to no texts on images. That’s why, putting too much text on your ad, including your logo, could cause the platform to under-serve your ad. This can impact your cost-per-click and reach. 

Usually, when you upload an image with too much text in it, Facebook will issue a warning, but it will still approve your ad.

Still, do not ignore that warning. What you need to do is to make necessary adjustments to your image, decrease the amount of text so that you can avoid getting penalized.

Poor Ad Creative

Your ad copy has both text and image. So, is your ad copy clear, actionable, and user-focused? Meanwhile, is your image compelling enough to capture your user’s attention?

If your ad is not getting your audience’s attention, then you need to show to them that it is worth it. Otherwise, you will not be getting clicks. 

If you have low click-through rates, then the culprit might be a poor ad creative. See to it that you have a great copywriter in your team that will create a consumer-centric copy that works well to your advantage. 

Over to You

Are you making the same mistakes we have mentioned in this article? If you do, then you must take corrective measures.

You would be pleasantly surprised by how much benefit you could get from Facebook Ads once you know how to run a campaign effectively. 

So, take the time to apply these corrective measures, develop your current ad strategy as you start enjoying an excellent conversion rate brought to you by Facebook ads. 

Remember that getting all this stuff done is hard, especially because Facebook’s advertising platform has its own unique mix of targeting options, variables, and features.

Fortunately, as long as you nail the basics, then Facebook ads do work .

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