Top 3 Tips To Get A Job

Top 3 Tips To Get A Job

One of the main challenges you will face after graduating is having to build a professional career from scratch. As easy as it sounds, getting a job can be quite hard for many young people. This sometimes leads to some losing a bit of the notion of what their true motivation to work and goal is in their professional career.

The job market is not as ideal as we would like. Some of the main issues young people encounter when they are trying to get a job, is having to compete against other very experienced candidates (which is a very hard task considering they’ve just graduated). That’s why here we’ve put together some tips to get a job that fulfills you and where you can
pursue your dreams much more easily.

1. Improve your Social Media Presence

Nowadays, almost every company has a look at their candidate’s social media profiles. For them, a good candidate is not just someone with the perfect level of education; their personality counts too. This is because it is key to them to be able to connect with their workers in order to create a good and productive team.

Therefore, many recruiters check if the candidate has a good professional online presence. There are many characteristics that they check first before scheduling an interview. For example, if you have spelling mistakes or they find offensive posts on your Instagram or Twitter accounts, your application may be rejected immediately. Improving your online presence by deleting posts that may harm you or others, and sharing content that shows how nice you really are will decrease the chances of this happening.

Since LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important to connect with other professionals, increasing your activity on this social network and updating your profile on it is a good way to add value to your application. If you share content related to the position you want to apply for or get references from your lecturers and former colleagues, your profile will be perceived differently. Do you want to know how to use LinkedIn to get a job? Don’t get behind and create your profile to impress any potential employers!

2. Practice Every Single Job Interview

Another way to improve your job application is to practice for your job interviews. Once you’ve found the right position for you, it’s crucial that you make sure you give it your all when connecting with your recruiter. As it is crucial not to forget about your objectives and start a career in your dream industry, you can’t afford to be speechless on the easiest interview question.

Before you go into the interview, rehearse possible answers to the most obvious and common questions. For example, you’ll probably be asked why you’d like to apply for the job. Make sure you have your arguments prepared and think about how you can prove your main motivation. To take your job interview to the next level, you can also research what to wear or what to avoid saying.

3. Lay your Possibilities Out

Some people believe that to have a successful career, you need to get a boring job first. However, the most important thing is knowing how to choose the perfect “boring” job that will provide you with the best experiences related to your career industry.

Why not applying for an internship? Although being an intern for a few months is not ideal, it is actually a very good way to demonstrate your passion and motivation. That, in addition to your theoretical knowledge of the sector, gives you a better chance of getting your ideal job. Internship programs often have short training programs that will help you learn even more and put what you have learned into practice.

Another alternative to consider is looking for a job abroad. Even if your desire is to stay in the UK, a couple of years of work experience abroad is an opportunity for making your professional career more promising. And this is not just about the role itself. In fact, one thing employers value a lot is the ambition and desire to try new things. By applying for a job abroad, you will demonstrate your desire to always improve and your ability to adapt and persist against adversity.

We hope these tips have been useful to you and that you can start your career in a somewhat easier way with them. Good luck with your future job applications and career adventures!

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