Why Blogging is Still Relevant to Your Business?


Blogs are often seen as a collection of random ramblings of bloggers. Some professionals think that blogs are not worth reading, but it has changed now. Many businesses have blog, because this can enhance their online presence for the better. Today, companies need to use as many methods as possible to make their voices heard in the market and industry.  It is no longer enough to hand out business cards and take out ads. The Internet can be seen as the biggest exhibition and you need to have a clear idea on what you should do in online environment. It is often said that social media has more influence, but blog can still be quite prominent in the market. This should be a smart way to interact with customers.

Blog works better than print media, because information doesn’t only go one way. When we publish a post, people could write their comments. In some cases, these comments could provide additional information. The audience can also interact with one another, making the blog a more enjoyable place. In social media, people can also interact, but a post could be buried too soon. With blogs, each your post gets a fixed URL address and it will be listed in search engine results. It is much less likely for social media post to appear in Google and other search engines. It is possible for people to read posts that you published two or three years ago. It is less likely that people will do the same with your old social media posts.

It means that blogs can put a more reliable human fact to your business. Like with social media, you can also put your images of the latest developments. Business blogging is a less strict experience. You can keep it real and keep it informal at the same time. With blogs, you should avoid doing the hard sell. It is still a place for you to talk leisurely about many things. Sometimes, you can post something unrelated to your business, but still with some relevance to your products or service. As an example, you can explain about all the behind the scene operations. People will become more loyal if they know all about your business, so you should let people to find out more about your business.

You should know about the most influential blogger in your sector and try to develop a relationship with them. It means that blogging can be used as a tool to create professional networking between people in your industry. You can publish posts that are relevant and complementary to their blog posts. So, you can trade links within the body of the post. If the trade of information is relevant and beneficial for the audience, it is an accepted practice for SEO. It may take some time for you to build a big enough audience for the blog, but you will eventually see returns. This is a great way for you to improve your online presence and it’s also quite easy to do.

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