Top Magento Extensions to Boost an eCommerce Website and Conversions


In the realm of online businesses all around the world, huge numbers of startups rise in the shape of eCommerce websites. Having a wide range of options makes it difficult for them to choose the one that resonates with their business goals.

Besides the increase in popularity of WooCommerce, the Magneto is still considered a leading eCommerce platform that is trusted by entrepreneurs all around the world. The extensive support of seamless extensions is backing up this platform to make it more flexible and user friendly. Today we are going to share top Magento extensions to make most out of your eCommerce store.

Magento 2 Gift Card 


These days merchants tend to create multiple opportunities to attract the attention of their customers. Similarly, customers are more inclined towards a business domain where they have flexible purchasing options. Magento 2 gift card extension is designed to allow customers choose a gift card and send it to their loved ones. So, their loves ones can purchase whatever they want from particular online platform. The extension allows creating a variety of gift cards and there are 3 pricing models to leverage customers choosing the suitable priced gift card option. The customers can customize the gift card by uploading a personalized image.

Custom Registration Fields & Attributes

In the extreme competitive market, it becomes challenging to stand out. These days every online business is trying to acquire maximum customer base. It requires to getting insights of customer buying behaviors. One way of knowing the interests of your potential customers is by asking them when they are about to fill the signup forms. Not only it will save your efforts of integrating customer analysis tools, but will also assist you in making abrupt additions in the product catalog as well. Customer registration field extension allows setting up multiple user fields in your eCommerce signup forms to ask for information that is imperative for boosting sales. The extension offers 13 different field types to integrate and allows validating user’s input data.

Magento 2 Pre Order Extension


Often the new products associated with big names in the industry have a huge number of audiences waiting for its launch. This is the perfect time for merchants to grab pre-orders and early sales. Meanwhile the product managers put their efforts to generate product awareness through marketing and promotional campaigns. Magento 2 pre-order extension allows setting up pre-orders for products along with a countdown timer that manifests the time remaining for the product availability in the inventory. In addition, the back-order functionality let you take product orders if it is not available in stock.

Magento 2 SEO extension

E-commerce business entirely relies on the online traffic to the business platform. Websites that are in top rankings in search engine results have advantage of maximum traffic, while others acquire minimal attention from target audience. Merchants are needed to optimize their website according to the search engine requirements. It’s a set of most effective SEO tools that will save your efforts for making your website SEO friendly. It allows auto creating SEO tags, Meta titles, Descriptions and keywords that are crucial for making a website search engine friendly. Whether you need to integrate image alt tags for plenty of product images on your site or you need to generate XML and HTML sitemaps, this extension is a complete package of multiple high-end tools that are ideal for making a website more prominent in SERPs.

Magento 2 Size Chart


Often customers have to face issue regarding the product size delivered through eCommerce stores. They either get too tight or too lose. Mostly this happens because of the incorrect sizing guidelines mentioned in the product listings. This result in a higher number of purchase returns, and the customers hesitate to purchase from particular online store again. Magento 2 size chart extension is developed to set up size charts against your listed products to allow customers choose the sizing according to their body measurements. The merchants have leverage of assigning customized size chart to specific product or multiple products.

Final Words

In order to acquire a competitive edge in the eCommerce business, merchants are needed to put great efforts and have to make the right business decisions. Making use of powerful Magento extensions can give your online business a powerful boost by loading your business website with dynamic features.



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