Six Things to Consider When Starting an Online Business


The online realm is highly competitive and challenging. So, it is important for you to make sure that your online business is completely ready. Before you officially establish the online business, here are things that you should consider:

  1. Don’t over analyze the market: The online market is overwhelming enough without close examination. The intense competition could deter many newcomers, causing them to hesitate to start. When analyzing the market, it should be about understanding the potentials and opportunities. You may also consider various challenges, but it doesn’t mean that you should be deterred by them. As long as you have the best price, product and online store, you will get at least a decent success.
  2. Choose a highly specific product: It is obvious that selling generic products would be very challenging for newcomers. You will not be able to stand out and very few, if any will purchase your product. For newcomers, it is much better to choose a highly specific product. Regardless of the type of the product, you should make sure that it has plenty of benefits for the consumer. If your product is unique, it will be much easier to gain better positions in search engine. You should choose a product that you will enjoy working with each day.
  3. Make a good and memorable business name: Because the online environment is very crowded, it is best to make sure that you have a unique business name. The business name should be closely related to your product name and brand. Make slogan and tagline that further strengthen the business name.
  4. Don’t expect quick SEO results: SEO isn’t saturated yet, especially if you use unique business and product names. Never let SEO scare you, as long as you use common sense, you will do fine. One big mistake is to expect that SEO will produce near instant result. SEO isn’t the same with email advertising or cold calls, it will take time before a large base of audience gathers around your brand and product. As the business is very slow at first, you need to reduce expenses, so your budding online business won’t be extinguished too soon.
  5. Create a professional looking store: If you are a newcomer, you rely very much on first impression. If your website looks professional and well-made, people may explore further to investigate. Even if you have great product and you are a honest businessman, a poorly made website will cause people to think that you are a shady snake oil salesman. Make your website fun and compelling. Being fun doesn’t mean that you sacrifice professional appearance. It’s about making people excited to read your website and learn more. Consider about things that make people intrigued.

Prepare customer service staff: Because people don’t interact with physical store, it is important to set up customer service that is available at least during office hours. Invite people to talk to customer service, even before they purchase your product. Make sure that your customer service staffs are polite and can provide useful information.

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