Business Traveling: 6 Mobile Apps for Productive Work

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Business travelers spend a significant part of their working time outside the office, so it’s not surprising that this particular audience most actively uses all the advantages of mobile applications. According to experts, 83% of business travelers in the United States have a smartphone, and one of five owners of such a device has a business related application is his gadget.

Smartphones greatly facilitate the life of a traveler thanks to many useful mobile applications. Some services deserve special mention – they allow making the official journey as comfortable as possible.

A car is something that most business trips can’t do without, and it’s impossible to use your corporate transport in another country or even continent. Renting a car is a great way out of the situation.

Let’s say you are going to have a business lunch in Pittsburgh, USA and you need a luxury car for this. You can contact the Enterprise car rental Pittsburgh office, or simply launch the app on your smartphone.

A quick search engine will select the best offer for you to meet your needs – you just need to confirm the reservation. Of course, besides the Enterprise car rental Pittsburgh, you can access more than 30 thousand locations in 175 countries around the world operated by globally-renowned rental companies.

The application is perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android-powered devices and will become the best car rental finder for a business trip!



This is a handy application for businessmen – it serves to store and organize boarding passes for airplanes, tickets for movie shows or sporting events, all kinds of store cards, discount coupons and gift certificates.

Travel industry is quickly adapting to the new product. Currently, this program is used by travel service providers such as American Airlines, United, Air Canada and Lufthansa, Starwood Hotels, W Hotels and the loyalty program at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Award Wallet

The application is intended for those people who regularly travel on business trips and actively use various loyalty programs: airline bonuses for frequent flyers, discounts for hotels, transfer companies, etc. Award Wallet allows you to download all such programs into one system, and automatically tracks user activity in each of them. Quick access to all information can be obtained even without an Internet connection, since the login and data access are open offline.


This application is a real personal travel agent for a businessman. After the first installation of WorldMate, you need to log in (most conveniently through Facebook) and provide the application with the necessary permissions. The simplicity of the interface allows you to easily understand all the functions.

The user will be able to access various kinds of information, including information about the availability of rooms in hotels, data on airline tickets, transfers from the airport or weather anywhere in the world.

For each planned event, you can use the built-in alarm clock, which will not allow you to be late for a flight or miss a meeting. In the application, you can go to the “My Trips” section, which shows the time of your personal flights, hotel and car bookings, depending on location.



Sometimes you quickly need to get somewhere but rental car is not available. Uber is the best alternative. This is a taxi booking service operating in more than 600 cities and 500 airports in 67 countries. By using the application, the customer reserves a car with a driver and monitors its movement to a specified point, while payment is made with a bank card.

On the built-in map of the application, the client sees taxis that are nearby. At the same time, you can choose the category of car (from economy to premium) and driver – the application allows you to see the real image of a taxi and its driver, which the customer selects. For example, if the car or driver doesn’t suit you, it’s possible to choose a more attractive taxi. Moreover, you don’t need to give the address where you want to submit the car, since the GPS device itself will tell the taxi driver your coordinates, and in turn, you can track the approach of the car on the map.

Wi-Fi Finder

Everyone needs Internet, but often it can be a problem to find a high-quality connection on your trip. Try to benefit from Wi-Fi Finder – a map of free Wi-Fi points for 140 countries worldwide.

In addition, the application can act as a network scanner nearby. When scanning, you can specify the signal strength to cut off too weak networks. Also, it’s possible to configure automatic connection to open points. In order to find public Wi-Fi networks in the database, you can use the search by region or enter the Public WiFi Near Me section.

The application will determine your location and show on the Google Maps all the nearest points. For traveling, an offline mode is provided in Wi-Fi Finder, but you should first to download the database of available points from the Internet.

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