Business Leader: 7 Successful CEOs of the American Startups


When preparing a startup, the main things that you should pay attention to are the target audience, the quality of the service or product, as well as its final cost.

This applies to many activities. For example, you are going to visit Las Vegas and you need to rent a car. Most people choose NU rental car Las Vegas because it has tons of benefits, including the lowest price along with outstanding service and well-maintained cars. As you can see, price and quality is what people are looking for in startups, and the main person responsible for this is the CEO.

What does the startup CEO do? It attracts money and creates a cool product, unites a team and forces customers to choose its product. The success of a startup is 90% dependent on its founder, who almost always holds the post of CEO. We have selected some of the most prosperous CEOs of famous American startups…

Alan Tisch

Startup: Spring

Spring is a useful mobile shopping app which has unique capabilities, and Alan Tisch is its CEO. His application aimed to demonstrate stylish looks. The clothing that makes up the images can be bought with just a few clicks.

All information about the buyer, including credit cards, delivery address, clothing sizes, is set during registration in the application, so the shopping process is very simple. Recently Spring startup received $25 million worth of investments, totaling $32 million.


Christina Mercando

Startup: Ringly

Christina’s startup provides body electronics that you want to demonstrate to others. A 17-karat stylish ring is paired with a phone, so each time the jewelry glows and vibrates when an incoming call or notification.

Mercando studied the interaction of people and computers at Carnegie Mellon University, so the production of underwear electronics seems to be the most suitable activity for her.

Ringly received $6.2 million from investors.


Peter Szulczewski

Startup: Wish

Cooperating with former engineers from Google, Peter created a platform for mobile commerce. The Wish application, designed for interaction between buyers and sellers by using machine learning technologies, can adapt to the tastes of the user and his previous requests and show them those products that may interest him.

Today, the company boasts 31 million active users, including 10 thousand sellers who use the platform to sell their goods. The platform charges a commission of 15% of the transaction amount.

The company received $595 million investment and its value is estimated at $3 billion.


Jessica Alba

Startup: The Honest Company

Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba founded her own company to produce environmentally friendly and non-toxic baby hygiene products and cosmetics in 2011. Since then, The Honest Company has gained immense popularity among one of the most loyal target audiences – young mothers. In the promotion of goods, Alba plays a decisive role: she is the brand’s face, who actively communicates with users of products, demonstrates confidence in the quality of goods with a personal example.

The Honest Company has already attracted more than $120 million in financing, and the company’s technological service is valued in Silicon Valley: among its investors are Lightspeed Venture Partners and Iconiq Capital venture funds.


Evan Spiegel

Startup: Snapchat

Spiegel quit Stanford University several months before graduation to create Snapchat – an amazing multimedia messenger that is now can be valued at about $17 billion. His startup received $1.20 billion of investment.

A few ears ago, the company introduced the first product that brings profit – its name is Discover. It allows a separate group of media to upload content to the messenger.


Travis Kalanick

Startup: Uber

Uber is a mobile application that allows users to hire personal cars as taxis. It saves time and money and, like a virus, spreads all over the world. Now Kalanick’s startup operates in 67 countries. In addition to the analogue of a taxi, Uber offers courier and food delivery services, which are in a high demand, especially in big cities.

The startup received $8.2 billion of investments – it’s estimated at $51 billion. The company’s capitalization may grow even more, because there are rumors that it needs additional funding. Uber is the most expensive private technology company in the world.


Brian Chesky

Startup: Airbnb

Brian Chesky and his business partners are the founders of Airbnb – they are among the world’s youngest billionaires – each of them has $1.5 billion.

The startup, which helps to find housing, received $2.39 billion of investments, and it’s estimated at $26.7 billion. It works in 34 thousand cities in 191 major countries and is successfully used by over 32 million customers.

It’s interesting to know that this startup is gaining popularity among those travelers who need such housing in order to feel at home. Therefore, these customers usually prefer Airbnb and avoid hotel rooms.

In the world of high technology, man plays the most important role, because he is the engine of progress. Therefore, the CEO of a startup, like nobody else knows which way to go in order to achieve success. He leads the idea, and in his head there’s a vision of the future of the company, which is a decisive factor in its development. As you can see, the above-mentioned personalities fully correspond to these characteristics…

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