Brand Name Selection Guide 2019-2020


Looking for the complete guide to select a name that turns your company into a brand that has uncapped growth and finances? Then stop going through century-old guides for that. You need an up to the minute guide that helps you through the strenuous process of naming your company. Follow the steps in our 2019-20 Brand Name Selection Guide and grab an upper hand on the situation of driving organic traffic to your store.

Generate brand name ideas

To start with, you can always note down a list of ideas for your brand name. The ideas for a brand name are nothing complex, but a simple list of reasons behind your company’s name. Your list of ideas should be reason enough for you and your business.

Whatever conception you have about your business, way of doing things, service quality, time frame, etc should be kept in mind while generating ideas for your business. All these things should be the foundation of your business name, inspiring you with a list of fortunate names.

Another thing which you can do is take help for brand name ideas from online company name generator tools. These tools are expertly created to satisfy all your needs for choosing a business name and are trustworthy also.

Checking for the availability

After you have come up with a list of ideas for generating business names, and have come up with some contenders for the business name, it’s time for round two.

Round two is checking the authenticity of your potential names. And in this round of authenticity, you will observe that most of the names that you chose are patented or trademarked.

Don’t take this as a sad realization and dull yourself, instead positively take this scenario. What if you named your company with a trademarked name and invited a panel of lawyers forcing a lawsuit on you?

That’s why it is always a better option to first check the availability of a name with the official patent and trademark organization of the United States Government. And it’s a simple step to do. You just have to go to the USPTO’s official website and search for your name’s availability. This simple step will save you from future rebranding, and a heavy lawsuit.

Strategize to choose a brand name

Generating ideas and checking authenticity were just two steps of this five-step guide. The third step and a crucial one is strategizing. While you may have checked the available names and have sorted out a different list, there’s still more to it.

You need to see names that go well with your domain name. Your name should rhyme well with your domain name to have a lasting impact on any listener.

Also, you should keep the SEO for your website in mind while segregating the names. The company’s name should be compatible with your search engine optimization. A keyword ane the name together should not look zoned out in the website content.


Evaluate the list against your criteria

After you have chosen the names that are all savvy and befitting to your company, it’s time to run the final scan.

In this final segregation or evaluation, take up the names and look for the rhythmic sound they give when said out loud with domain names.

Also, disqualify the names which are hard to spell or are a kind of tongue-twister for your audience. Say your name to a friend in a partially noisy room, and see if he/she ask how to pronounce it. If they don’t tell you anything of that sort, you can keep the name.

The third filter for the list is – uniqueness. Remove all the words that are simple and plain rather than being descriptive and unique. You don’t want your company to be a part of the crowd. You want your company to be the one for whom the crowd is, so use a different name that’s alluring and new.

And TADA…!! your company’s new brand name is ready to be registered.

Just don’t leave now, there’s a bonus point for your company.

Post naming preparation

Now that you have selected a good name for your company that will make it unique and identifiable in the market, it’s time for taking an extra step towards a bright future.

With a name in your head, you have a vision for creating a brand message, company logo, and brand story.

The brand story and identity can be further used extensively in marketing your company as the best in the market.

This extra prep gives you exposure to your target audience, which is essential for success in the long run.

This was our take on the 2019-20’s way to name your company the right way. Hope you liked it and learned something from it.

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