7 Effective Ways to SkyRocket Your Magento Ecommerce Sales


These days, more and more users buy products and goods online, which eventually leads to the digital revolution. This has sparked a new trend of online shopping websites on Magento’s platform. 

Magento rose among the ranks of being one of the top Content Management System in the market. Check out this Magento multi vendor marketplace. 

Now, here are effective ways on how you could influence your customer’s buying experience when they’re out shopping:

1. Optimize your website’s speed

Nothing’s more frustrating to an online buyer customer than a slow-loading website. Users hate slow loading site pages, which is why you should include this in your list of SEO issues to fix. Remember that site speed affects both your traffic and conversions. 

Even Google’s search engines value websites that load less than three seconds,  ranking them higher on SERPs. 

That’s why it’s crucial to reduce the loading time of your Magento site. You can optimize the website speed of your Magento ecommerce store through various means like code optimization, CSS and database files in a way that makes you page load faster. 

You might also need to optimize your images and get rid of the redundant elements in your store. 

2. Cross-sell and up-sell alternatively

Not everyone who visits your store will know exactly what they’re looking for. Suggesting several related products and bundles is a more practical way to offer them what they want. 

You can even create the need to buy a particular product the moment they land on your site. 

Cross-selled products can be further broken down into the following:

  • Products that are purchased together. An example would be a combination of a laptop and laptop bag. 
  • Products that are in the same category. For instance, if users click particular women tee, they could also be suggested various other tees from various brands with other styles and colors. 
  • Products that have been viewed and bought by other people. This is usually based on the data on real sales and increases the user’s trust and confidence to buy a product from your store.

Now, when we talk about upselling, it is usually convincing customers who plan to buy basic or standard products to change their minds and “upgrade” their purchase. 

3. Make sure it is mobile-friendly

Almost everything is on mobile now. So, it’s crucial to create a mobile-friendly e-commerce store that’s highly responsive to attract more customers. This is crucial if you want to beat your competitors. 

If you have a Magento store that isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’re bound to lose a large portion of your sales. You can check if your online store is mobile-friendly by taking Google’s mobile-friendly test. 

4. Go with free shipping

Make it conditional, but make the shipping free. For instance, can add the condition that a customer can avail of free shipping upon purchase of X amount. 

This works wonders because most customers dislike the idea of having to spend extra on shipping costs. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you offer them with free delivery. 

By offering free shipping, you have the opportunity to motivate your prospects to spend more on their purchases. 

5. Add discount deals and new products on your homepage

A great way to engage your customers is to display your new products on the homepage of your e-commerce site. Your web developer can place it on your web banners, suggesting that there are new products in your store. 

You can also add coupons and discounts on your product banner. This is an effective way to notify people that your products are on sale. Using this tactic is used by a lot of e-commerce sites nowadays. 

6. Generate tons of ratings and reviews

People still view online purchases as risky. That’s why they need transparent and honest feedback from other buyers before ultimately making a decision. 

Shoppers also want to make sure that the product looks precisely like the one that they see on the images on your website, or if it’s working as advertised. 

Including product reviews gives people the confidence that you are selling things precisely as they expect. 

7. Make the checkout process easier

Your checkout process shouldn’t have a lot of phases. It’s frustrating for the part of the customer, and they might move to another site altogether. 

This results in a loss of sales on your part, and you could lose out prospects who are actually interested to buy your products. So, make your check-out process easy to retain more people in your store. 

You can also tell your developer to add a One Step Checkout process. The process is pretty simple, all customers have to do is to add the product on their cart, and proceed to a single page checkout.

Final Thoughts

Having an aesthetically appealing online store and launching your site on the web isn’t enough. Optimizing your Magento e-commerce site is crucial to achieving optimal sales, and is pretty handy on your part especially if you’re focused on growth. 

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